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Tri-Wall Mark


Tri-Wall is the universal trustworthy trademark
around the world.
Tri-Wall Pak that has been invented by Tri-Wall Containers Inc.
in USA is Triple wall corrugated cardboard and has been manufactured and
sold since 1974 in Japan.
Tri-Wall Pak has been used for heavy load packing use in major grovel
companies instead of wood, steal and plastics.

                  GLOBAL STANDARD QUALITY~ for heavy load packing~
cardboard Tri-Wall first acquired the trademark as packing materials of corrugated cardboard in the world.
Tri-wall quality has been regarded highly around the world as the brand of
the industrial heavy duty packing.
Actually, Tri-Wall Pak has met government standards of each country,
including PPP-B-640d of Federal Specifications and Standards of the U.S.,
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) D5168, Rule 41 of the
Uniform Freight Classification in the U.S., Item 222 of National Motor Freight
Classification in the U.S., British Defense Standards 81-107, Deutsche
Industrie Normen (DIN), Chinese National Bureau of Standards GB/T16718
and so on.
Therefore Tri-Wall Pak is judged as conformed packing materials at the time
of export and troublesome procedures are unnecessary.
Also Tri-Wall is advantageous for insurances at the worst.
Tri-Wall has another strong point. Tri-Wall is the global standard and has stable quality in not only Japan but also
Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and the Middle East. The Tri-Wall groups of each country are delivering
Tri-Wall Pak of the global standard quality.

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