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Our Business

Technique instructed by wood, Technique incorporated in corrugated cardboard
and New Distribution Value
(New Distribution Value means evolution and new value of distribution.)
Takamura Co., Ltd. is providing custom-made packing that is based on small lots and quick delivery focusing on corrugated cardboard, Tri-Wall (strengthened corrugated cardboard) and wooden packing. However complicated products are, Takamura offers oputimum packing designs and makes samples Takamura head office in Tochigi integrated the second factory and moved to new head office and factory in April, 2013. And Sagamihara factory moved to new factory in Shimokuzawa in September, 2013. New Takamura that has been transformed, we devote ourselves to delivering better packing products. We continue to work hard at manufacture and sales of strengthened corrugated cardboard, design for heavy load packing, export, domestic packing, transportation, warehouse business and total logistics business.

Reinforcement cardboard box

Corrugated cardboard products
Tri-Wall Pak is machined in shapes without waste according to packing products and is changed to large-scale, long, round and various shapes.
Tri-Wall Pak makes easy of the packing for custom-made or special shape
products to take time and costs.

Reinforcement cardboard box

Octagon design
We can design octagon and polygon boxes.

Reinforcement cardboard box

Uni-Pak (Returnable boxes)
When you want to deliver products to regular place continuously,
Uni-Pak that is used around the world meets the needs of you.
The greatest characteristic of Uni-Pak is the realization to reduce
the total cost of the distribution substantially.
Uni-Pak has gained worldwide recognition by good pressure-resistant
strength, durability and impact resistant.
Therefore, it is used for domestic, import and export returnable boxes.

Reinforcement cardboard box

Hybrid packing products
Takamura, we can manufacture hybrid packing products by in-house
production, such as a combination of a cap and a tray by strengthened
corrugated cardboard and a wooden pallet.

Wooden products

Wooden products
Takamura, we are manufacturing pallets, wooden cases, wooden frames
and plywood boxes that meet domestic and overseas demands.

Corrugated plastic

Corrugated plastic products
The best point of the corrugated plastic is usable over and over again.
You can use it as returnable box.
The characteristic are, material is very light, it folds away and safekeeping
space can be reduced, it is hard to break if it falls, it can be stacked,
it resists water, oil and chemicals.

Steel box

Steel box
Takamura, we can provide returnable boxes according to uses,
such as it is combined stainless with corrugated plastic in order to prevent metal
powder contamination and it made in only steel.

Subsidiary materials

Subsidiary materials and Distribution materials
Takamura, we can provide subsidiary and distribution materials,
distribution machineries and various products with regard to physical
distribution, such as tapes, bands, plastic containers and pallets.

Heavy load packing

Heavy load packing
Takamura, we produced Tri-Wall Pak for a hybrid car PRIUS and loaded
it onto a truck by a forklift and tested it on a transportation test by truck.
The test was successful without any troubles and gauge break.

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